China still edgy about Tibet

May 10, 2014 6:49 am0 comments

(, Jan 09) — Despite its claims about the situation in Tibet having normalised after its brutal armed repression of an uprising there in Mar’08, the Chinese authorities, by their conduct, clearly confirm the truth only in the opposite sense. Armed troops are still everywhere, Tibetan pilgrims in Lhasa are […]

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Tortured prisoner released to succumb at home

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(, Jan 07) — The allegation has been around for a number of years that China routinely releases Tibetan prisoners from jail ahead of their trials or the completion of their sentences in order to avoid responsibility for their death due to custodial torture. In a latest of such incident, […]

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Planned Sichuan-Tibet Railway cited as growth fillip for Tibet

May 9, 2014 2:19 pm0 comments

(, Jan 06) — The economic development and tourism traffic in Tibet will be greatly boosted once the planned Sichuan-Tibet Railway is built, reported China’s online Tibet news service Jan 6. The railway has been listed into ‘The National Medium and Long-Term Railway Network Development Plan’,” Pasang, executive director […]

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China eyes 3 million tourists in TAR in 2009

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(, Jan 04) — China has set a rather modest target of three million tourists in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) this year, although it is often given to exceeding targets to boast the success of its policies, projects and efforts. The TAR reported four million tourist arrivals in 2007, with […]

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Amdo dialect Tibetan TV to air 6 hours

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(, Jan 04) — Qinghai Tibetan TV, the PRC’s only channel with the Amdo Tibetan dialect will be given a full facelift on Jan 26, with increase in its Tibetan programmes to 50%, reported China’s online Tibet news service Jan 3. It said the Tibetan programme in the so-called […]

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Raised minimum social security payment benefits Chinese in Tibet

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(, Jan 02) – The Chinese government of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) had said that with effect from Jan 1, the average lowest social security payment for employees was raised to 310 yuan per capita per month in Lhasa, 300 yuan in Nyingchi, Lhoka, Xigaze and Chamdo, 320 in Nagqu […]

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Foreign journalists welcome to visit Tibet in 2009, but old restrictions remain

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(, Dec 31) — China reiterated Dec 30 that foreign journalists would be welcome to visit and report on Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) even as the restrictions barring them from taking up that offer remain firmly in place. Indeed, while announcing the claimed welcome, Wang Chen, director of the State […]

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China values TAR’s forest resources at 470 billion yuan

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(, Dec 30) — China said the Nyingchi (Tibetan: Nyingtri) Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is the third largest forest area in the People’s Republic of China and its forest resources could yield ecological and economic output worth 88.391 billion yuan. The Prefecture boasts 80% of the forest of […]

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Over 80,000 passengers to crowd Lhasa Railway station before and after Chinese New year

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(, Dec 30) — The Lhasa Railway Station would see off or receive more than 80,000 passengers, 3% more than in 2008, from Jan 11 to Feb 19 on account of many Chinese going to China to celebrate their Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) with their families and then coming […]

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Over 63% of rural Tibetans moved into socialist villages

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(, Dec 29) — A total of 860,000 farmers and herders from 170,000 families in the Tibet Autonomous Region have moved into the new houses under a government ordered 2006-10 socialist village project, with 312,000 farmers and herders from 57,800 families having been moved in 2008, reported China’s official Xinhua […]

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