Compiling work for new Tibetan language dictionary to begin

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(, Dec 21) — China said it was going to launch soon the most ambitious Tibetan language dictionary by far. “Tibetan Language Dictionary” will have 150,000 vocabulary entries with 25 million words, covering such fields as technology, Tibetan medicine, Buddhism, drama, law, economy, history, geography, folk-custom, chemistry, physics, biology and […]

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12,000 nomad families in Dechen Prefecture set for settlement in three years

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(, Dec 19) — China is to spend 280-million-yuan in subsidy to settle down Tibetan nomads in Deqen Prefecture of Yunnan province, reported China’s online Tbiet news service Dec 18. It said the project will settle down 12,000 nomad families in three years. It said the prefectural government had […]

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Tibet university made a China priority project

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(, Dec 18) — There are now six colleges and universities in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) with their combined student strength being 27,000, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Dec 16. The news was reported in the context of celebrations held on the day to mark the entry of the […]

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Security severely tightened in Lhasa on world rights day

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(, Dec 13) — Tibet’s capital Lhasa resembled a war zone on Dec 10, the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with both heavy military fortifications and covert security operations, reported the exile Tibetan government’s online information service Dec 12, citing “reliable sources”. It said armed […]

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China closing down popular private schools, clinics in Tibet

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(, Dec 13) — The authorities in Lhasa and Karze (Chinese: Ganzi) have been monitoring privately run schools and hospitals and had begun shutting down those which were particularly popular with the local Tibetans, worried about their possible political implications, according to the exile Tibetan government’s online information service […]

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Majority in rubberstamp legislatures cited as proof of Tibetan autonomy

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(, Dec 12) — The best answer China has come up with so far to “prove” that Tibetans enjoy regional ethnic autonomy is that “Tibetans and other ethnic groups hold 94 percent of the seats in local legislatures” in the Tibet Autonomous Region. While this would, indeed, be a powerful […]

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Qinghai Yushu Airport completes construction

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(, Dec 11) — China completed on Nov 3 the building of the Qinghai Yushu Airport which has since passed examination, reported its online Tibet news service Dec 1. It said the initial plan was for the 500 million yuan airport, whose construction was begun in May 2007, to […]

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Rights group urges octogenarian Tibetan master-printer’s release

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(, Dec 6) — New York-based Human Rights Watch is urging the international community to protest China’s imprisonment and secret sentencing of Paljor Norbu, an 81-year-old Tibetan traditional printer, and to seek his immediate exoneration and unconditional release. It said Norbu (Chinese: Panjue Ruobu), was taken by the police from […]

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Beijing-appointed Panchen calls for national unity

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(, Dec 6) — Gyaincain Norbu, the Chinese government-appointed 11th Panchen Lama, made one of his sporadic appearances in the official Chinese media on Dec 5, with the Xinhua news agency reporting he called on Buddhists to back national unity while touring Hunan Province from Nov 26 to Dec 4. […]

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Chinese railway to connect Tibet more by 2020

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(, Dec 4, 2008) — China said it will have built and opened by 2020 six new main railway lines and some branches connecting Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province with other parts of the PRC. Its online Tibet news service Dec 3 cited Li Li, principal of Qinghai-Tibet […]

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