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Celebrity Chinese historian severely criticizes Mao on state TV

(, May10, 2010) A famous Chinese history teacher has openly called Mao Zedong a dictator who massacred people. He has said the only right thing he did since founding the PRC in 1949 was his death, according to Global Times, international edition of China’s party mouthpiece People’s Daily, May 8.

"If you want to see Mao, you can go to his mausoleum at the Tiananmen Square. But don't forget it's a Chinese version of the Yasukuni Shrine, which glorifies Mao, under whose hands many people were massacred," the report quoted Yuan Tengfei, a history teacher at Beijing's Jinghua School, as saying in a 110-minute special TV lecture at the state television, CCTV.

"The only thing Mao did right since he founded the new China in 1949 was his death," Yuan was quoted as saying.

Yuan is a TV celebrity history teacher in China, who is also a member of the history committee that prepares the national college entrance exam. He also lectures at the CCTV, which is watched by "several millions of Chinese people," reported the South Korean news service Chosun Ilbo May 8.

Yuan was also reported to have criticized China’s history books' distortions. "Although Japan's history books distort history, it is not as serious as what Chinese books do," he was quoted as saying. "Among what is written in Chinese history books, less than 5 percent is true. The rest is complete fabrication."

The Chosun report said that despite the Chinese government's effort to censor it, the lecture footage was spreading quickly on the Internet.

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