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Ngaba nun, 18, becomes 23rd Tibet self-immolator

(, Feb13, 2012) An 18-year-old nun named Tenzin Choedon self herself on fire at 6:oo PM on Feb 11 at a crossing near her nunnery of Mamae Dechen Choekhorling, becoming the 23rd person to stage such protest in Chinese ruled Tibet since Feb 2009. She became the second nun from the nunnery to immolate herself while protesting against Chinese rule, following Tenzin Wangmo, 20, who did so on Oct 17, 2011.

She was reported to have shouted slogans against Chinese rule as she burnt herself, with security forces and police taking her away almost immediately with serious burns and sealing off her nunnery. No information was available on her condition or whereabouts. She was seen taken in the direction of Barkham (Chinese: Ma'erkang) county where some of the past Tibetan self-immolators were held in an army hospital.

With around 350 residents, the nunnery is one of the largest in Ngaba County and is located 3 km from Ngaba Town, near Kirti Monastery. Its nuns were among the local leaders of Tibetan protests against Chinese rule in 2008 and some of them were jailed for three to four years.

Kirti Monastery at Dharamsala, which also reported the incident, described Tenzin Choedon, the oldest of four siblings, as a quiet, hardworking and courageous nun who got excellent grades in her studies.
Arson was suspected in a mid-week burning of Chinese government buildings at Nangdo town in Dege county and Zame town in Kardze county of Sichuan Province, reported Feb 11. The Zame building was reduced to debris while the one at Nangdo was put out quickly after a Tibetan reported the incident to the authorities. No one was injured and there were no arrests, the report added.
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