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Chinese flag again seen replaced by Tibetan in Karze County school

(, Sep11, 2012) A Chinese national flag flying on a pole in the Dzachukha Woenpo township elementary school in Sershul (Chinese: Shiqu) County of Karze County, Sichuan Province, was again seen removed and replaced with a Tibetan national flag on Sep 8 morning, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington) and others Sep 9 and 10. In addition, a large number of leaflets with the words ‘Freedom for Tibet’ written in red letters, were seen scattered at the place. 

The local Chinese authorities were reported to have arrived at the school in the morning and removed the Tibetan flag. The authorities have vowed to find out those who had carried out the protest action.

The last time the school saw such an incident was on Feb 4, 2012, when Karze County saw large scale protests by Tibetans and the Chinese authorities sent in hundreds of police to enforce security. 

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