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Philanthropic Tibet businessman disappeared, his home demolished

(, Sep21, 2012) A Tibetan businessman known for his philanthropy and generous support for Tibetan culture in Yulshul town of Yulshul Prefecture, Qinghai Province, has disappeared while his home and business establishment have been demolished by the Chinese authorities on Sep 12, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington) Sep 19.

The report said a group of men turned up in front of the home of the businessman, Nangchen Tashi, 49, in the night, telling his family that they had come to demolish the building. With Nangchen Tashi being already apparently under detention for a week, his wife Boede, sons Sherab Dorje and Sonam Topgyal, and daughter Yangdzom protested, only to be promptly detained.

With the family members thus taken away, bulldozers were brought in. Both the home and a hotel built and owned by Nangchen Tashi were demolished.

Nangchen Tashi owned a home, a hotel and a restaurant on a plot of land bought by him some seven years ago at a crossroad in Yulshul town. His buildings did not suffer any damage during the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Nevertheless, the authorities sought to confiscate his home and business buildings to construct a road through it. The authorities later apparently accepted his willingness to surrender only that portion of his land which was lying along the road project, and even compensated him for it. 

Earlier, during the 2010 earthquake, Nangchen Tashi disappeared for about three months. It later emerged that he was taken away to Chamdo County in Tibet Autonomous Region and was tortured there, accused of inciting people against the authorities. 

Nangchen Tashi is known for his strong advocacy for the preservation of Tibetan culture, religion, and language. He was also reported to be generous in helping poor Tibetans in their educational pursuits and in getting ahead in their lives.
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