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Qinghai monk writer missing for more than a year after Chinese ‘arrest’

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(TibetanReview.net, Jan25’22) – More than a year after he was virtually kidnapped by Chinese police, there is still no information on why 46-year-old popular Tibetan writer and poet Gendun Lhundrub was taken away as he continues to remain incommunicado in Malho (Chinese: Huangnan) Prefecture of Qinghai Province.

He was “arrested” on Dec 2, 2020, while he was on his way to attend a religious debate held at his Rongwo Monastery in the prefecture’s Rebgong (Tongren) County, reported the Tibetan Service of rfa.org Jan 24, citing an exile Tibetan with local contacts. 

“The event was witnessed only by a vegetable seller who saw him put into a black car by Chinese police, and no one else has any information about his arrest,” the source was quoted as saying.

It was only on Sep 27, 2021 that the monk’s family was informed by phone that his trial date would be set soon. However, “there has been no follow-up about this, and we have heard that he is being forced to undergo political re-education,” the source has said.

Gendun Lhundrub was stated to have been ordered by authorities to help translate Tibetan Buddhist texts into Mandarin Chinese. He was stated to have questioned the need to do that and disagreed with the authorities on the issue, leading to his “arrest” a few days later.

He was said to have been already under surveillance by the authorities for a long time for signs of political dissent.


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