China approves building of third railway line in ‘Tibet’


Railway line copy

(, Nov01, 2014) – China’s top economic planning agency has approved plans to build a third railway line in occupied Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), reported the official Xinhua news agency Oct 31. It will be a 402-km line linking Xigaze (Tibetan: Shigatse) in southern Tibet to Nyingchi (Nyingtri) located close to the border with the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh claimed by China.

The decision to build the railway line followed the approval of the feasibility report for its construction, said another Xinhua report on the same day. The approval follows the opening of the Lhasa-Shigatse railway line in August this year.

The Xigaze-Nyingchi railway line was one of three new railway lines costing about 250 billion yuan (US$ 40 billion) approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, the report said. The longest line, costing about 20 billion yuan, will carry coal more than 1,800 km from the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia to Ji’an in the eastern province of Jiangxi. The other is a 137-km passenger line linking Datong in north China’s Shanxi Province with Zhangjiakou in neighbouring Hebei.

The railway expansion in the TAR will connect Nepal, Bhutan and India by 2020, Oct 31 cited an official report in Beijing as saying.


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