China demands loyal officials, info monopoly in stepped up Tibet anti-separatism campaign

Mr Chen Quanguo China’s party boss in Tibet Autonomous Region.
Mr Chen Quanguo China’s party boss in Tibet Autonomous Region.

(, Oct23, 2015) – In its never ending quest to eliminate all semblances of weakness in ensuring undivided loyalty at every level, China’s party boss in Tibet Autonomous Region has on Oct 22 said all officials working at the grassroots there must be a “fortress” against separatism and work to ensure the ruling Communist Party’s monopoly on information, reported Reuters Oct 22. He has also said China’s anti-separatism struggle has already been noticeably stepped up there.

Writing in the party mouthpiece People’s Daily, Mr Chen Quanguo has said there was “nothing more harmful than chaos”, that China’s stability as a whole rested on the stability and security of Tibet.

And he has continued that a central element of this was to train and promote a core of high-calibre, loyal Tibetan and Chinese officials who will be based in every county and village across the region.

Although the Communist Party of China has been fully at it at all times, Chen has said the “ideological security” of Tibet needed the party to control public opinion, the media and the Internet, and every house in every village must be able to watch programmes on the party-monopolized television channels or listen to programmes on such radio station bands.

The report said Chen, unusually, had made no direct mention of the Dalai Lama, but only said the “struggle against separatism has been noticeably stepped up”.


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