China to build 20 showcase towns in Tibet in next 3 years

Lhasa, Tibet. (Photo courtesy:
Lhasa, Tibet. (Photo courtesy:

(, Jan11’16) – China said Jan 9 that it will build 20 distinctive towns in the Tibet Autonomous Region over the next three years, making them exemplary areas for comfortable living, work and tourism. With more than 80 percent of ethnic Tibetans in the region living in rural areas by official reports, the beneficiaries would be Chinese immigrants who define the TAR’s urban population.

A ceremony for breaking the ground for this purpose was held earlier in the week in Jedeshol Town, Gonggar County of Lhasa City, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Jan 9.

The report said the 20 towns were in seven cities or prefectures of TAR, with most of them having finished their planning for the project.

Under the project, town infrastructure, including roads, will be improved, with the report claiming construction of the showcase towns will stick to the principle of prudent cutting of trees, no digging of mountains, no filling of lakes and little destruction of houses.


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