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Not the People’s Sikyong?

Dear Editor, Enjoyed reading this timely and well written piece by Kunsang Tanzin titled, “Two khampas who will be on the right side of history”...

Open Letter Appeal

Dear Mr. Thupten Thokmey la, With due respect to your former monk status, I sincerely and truly respect your right to express your solidarity and...

Letter: Kaydor’s campaign tour a Covid-19 risk?

The news of Kaydor testing positive for coronavirus is not only sad but also a warning to other Sikyong candidates to be responsible and...

Letter: What is Lobsang Sangay’s legacy?

The claim recently made by Lobsang Sangay that he is the first CTA head to visit the White House “in the last six decades”...

Letter: Let us unite, regionalism is not patriotism

(TibetanReview.net, Oct22’20) I would like to draw the attention of our leaders and people around the world through this platform to the urgency of...

Internal Politics could incapacitate Tibetan Cause

By NgawangTenpa The internal squabble between the two the arguably most prominent members within the community of the Central Tibetan Administration has seen numerous exchanges...