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(TibetanReview.net, Jan05’23)

In my personal interactions with HH Dalai Lama and Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche in the past, I was specifically told that one reason for adopting Middle Way Approach was to persuade the PRC to stop the destruction of Tibetan identity and atrocities on Tibet and Tibetan people. I appreciated the importance of this goal. But I saw that China used the past 30 years, especially the 2002-2010 dialogue and later years, only to further intensify both crimes and to consolidate their iron grip on Tibet. The result is that this concession given by HHDL to PRC leaders has neither been respected nor followed.

But as a result of this approach the Tibetan diaspora stands bitterly divided and a large section of individual RANGZEN supporters across the world became indifferent – exactly what the PRC leaders wanted to see.

It is high time Tibetan society and HHDL give a serious second thought to the Middle Way Approach. They need to realise that PRC did not deserve this concession. HHDL will maintain a high moral ground if He tells the PRC leadership that since they have proven that they did not deserve this concession and open-hearted favour from HHDL, He is withdrawing this concession.

By doing so HHDL will not only rehabilitate unity of Tibetan people and also win back those thousands of energetic supporters who lost their heart during past one decade.

However, if a section of Tibetan society and its leadership still want to pursue their MWA, they need to realise the importance of the RANGZEN followers. RANGZEN platform needs to be kept alive for the day when MWA fails and HHDL needs a high moral ground to withdraw the MWA. He can easily tell the PRC leaders that by giving this undeserved favour to them He had made his own children (RANGZEN camp) unhappy and hence he is withdrawing this concession and going back to his nation and People’s real goal. In the absence of a withdrawal platform on that day it will look like a defeatist withdrawal – not a respectable situation either for HHDL, nor for Tibet.

– Vijay Kranti