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Journal retracts 18 papers from China due to Tibet and other human rights concerns

0, Feb17’24) – A genetics journal from a leading scientific publisher in the United States has retracted 18 papers from China in what is...

Ladakh observes shutdown to press statehood and other demands

(, Feb04’24) – India’s strategically important Tibet-border Union Territory of Ladakh observed a complete shutdown on Feb 3 as thousands of its residents staged...

Tibetan-Canadian among eight recipients of 2023 US int’l religious freedom award

(, Jan19’24) – The US Secretary of State has on Jan 18 awarded the Department’s International Religious Freedom Award to eight individuals from different...

Did Denmark’s King Frederik wear a Tibetan Buddhist bracelet at his Jan 14 ascension?

(, Jan17’24) – Did King Frederik X of Denmark wear a distinctly Tibetan Buddhist bracelet when he ascended the Danish throne on Jan 14,...

US company says it stopped selling DNA collection kit to Chinese-ruled Tibet

(, Jan04’24) – US-based Biotechnology company Thermo Fisher Scientific said it had halted sales of its DNA collection kits to Chinese-occupied Tibet after criticism...

Two Karmapas vow joint effort for one Shamarpa reincarnation, but China menace lurks

(, Dec06’23) – The two 17th Karmapa reincarnations, each recognized by different top lamas within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, have issued a...

Thousands of fake China-based accounts taken down by Meta included those targeting Tibet

(, Dec04’23) – Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, said Nov 30 that it had taken down thousands of fake accounts...

More Tibetan Buddhist nun awarded geshema degrees in Bodh Gaya

(, Nov30’23) – Seven Tibetan Buddhist nuns have been awarded their geshema degrees, the highest academic achievement in the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism,...

President Biden greeted by Xi Jinping supporters and protesters on arrival for APEC summit

(, Nov15’23) – As hundreds of Chinese nationals, including students from local San Francisco universities like UC Berkeley and Stanford, gathered with massive Chinese...

Nepal begins implementing TikTok ban for ‘disturbing social harmony’

(, Nov14’23) – Banned in India as a threat to national security and in at least 34 US states for federal and state employees...