11 sentenced in Nagchu to jail terms of two to nine years


www.TibetanReview.net, July 23’08

Five monks and six lay people were sentenced at different times to jail terms ranging from two- to-nine year jail terms in Driru (Chinese: Biru) county of Nagchu Prefecture in connection with the large-scale Tibetan protest in the area in Dec’08. Monks Bhuchung Norwa, Bhu Tengay, and Tsokchok of yalsho Bhenkar monastery in Bhenkar township and laymen Lhakpa Tashi, Dorjee, Lhakpa, Kyayou, Zumril, and Woetro from the same township were sentenced in May’08 to nine years of imprisonment each while Drakpa Gyaltsen and Naymay, both monks from the same monastery, received two-year jail term each in Mar’08, reported the exile Tibetan government’s Tibet.net Jul 15.

The township was hit by a large-scale Tibetan protest in December last year when in a dispute between a Chinese shopkeeper and three Tibetan monks, the local police totally sided with the former, beating up the monks and taking two of into custody while the third monk escaped. The unabashed racial discrimination led to the Tibetan protest involving both monks from the monastery and the local Tibetan nomads. In the ensuing crackdown, the Chinese police arrested around 270 monks and lay Tibetans and locked them up in the county prison.


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