3 wounded, 17 held in Tibetan clash with police in Nagchu


(TibetanReview.net, Feb 23, 2009) — A fight between a Tibetan lorry driver and a Chinese taxi driver in Nagchu town of northern Tibet in the morning of Feb 21 swiftly grew into a street brawl involving hundreds of Tibetans, reported Times Online (UK) Feb 21. It said the Tibetans shouted slogans demanding the return of the Dalai Lama and set fire to police cars, prompting security forces to open fire. Three people were reportedly wounded and some 17 detained.

The Town has witnessed few such incidents in the recent past, with the Tibetans protesting in anger at the Chinese police who invariably beat up and arrest Tibetans whenever they get caught in disputes with Chinese migrant shopkeepers and traders who are left untouched. The town was already under severe security operation on account of the past incidents involving hundreds of Tibetans, including monks and nomads, many of whom were severely beaten and jailed.

It was not clear yet how the latest flare up occurred. Obviously the Tibetans in the town still harbour deep resentment with the Chinese government for the way it and its agencies treat them.


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