All 44 foreign airlines to comply with ‘one China’ mandate by Jul 25

Shanghai : Pudong International Airport. (Photo courtesy: China Discovery)
Shanghai : Pudong International Airport. (Photo courtesy: China Discovery)

(, May27, 2018) – China says 18 of the 44 foreign airlines that it had ordered to stop listing the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan as though they are independent countries have finished the rectification while the rest have sought time to comply.

The remaining 26 foreign airlines have promised to make the changes but applied for delayed implementation from May 28 to Jul 25 due to technical reasons, reported the official May 26 citing the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

The report cited the administration as saying it will closely follow the airlines that had not yet finished the rectification while promising to safeguard the legitimate rights of foreign airlines to offer transportation services in China.

The report said that on Apr 25, the administration had demanded that 44 foreign airlines operating in China review their websites and apps to ensure no Chinese territories were incorrectly labeled as countries, “as such practice is a violation of Chinese laws and goes against the one-China policy”. It added that the airlines were required to finish carrying out the rectification within a month.

The report said the “request” was made after Delta, the United States-based carrier, was found to have listed Tibet and Taiwan as countries in a drop-down menu in an online comments section.


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