Beijing gives higher pay raise for graduate PLA recruits posted in Tibet

A pilot gives a thumbsup for takeoff at the Harbin Flight Academy of the PLA Air Force. (Photo courtesy: China Daily)
A pilot gives a thumbs up for takeoff at the Harbin Flight Academy of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. (Photo courtesy: China Daily)

(, May17, 2016) – China’s capital Beijing has increased the allowance for citizens who join the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for the third consecutive year, with higher amounts for better-educated recruits, and even higher amount for those who serve in high-altitude plateaus in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), reported the official May 16.

The report cited the Beijing Municipal Conscription Office as saying on its website May 13 that a university student or graduate who has a Beijing hukou, or household registration permit, will receive at least 186,000 yuan ($28,500) in cash allowance if they join the PLA this year and serve at least two years. This was stated to be 9,000 yuan higher than last year and to include subsidies for the soldier’s family, reimbursement for university expenditures, service pay as well as job-finding assistance.

In the case of an associate degree holder or a student at an associate college, the pay will be 178,000 yuan for a two-year service term while a high school graduate will get 154,000 yuan.

The report continued that a soldier serving in high-altitude plateaus in the TAR would receive an extra subsidy of at least 56,200 yuan.

The report said the PLA intended to recruit more well-educated young people to fill in its intellectually demanding positions that were rapidly emerging along with the military modernization drive.

In addition to the financial incentives, Beijing was reported to have promised that students from universities in Beijing who interrupt their studies to serve the PLA would be given special favours when they take part in postgraduate exams, apply for a job in the government and State-owned enterprises, and apply for a Beijing hukou after graduation.


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