China accused of disturbing the neighbourhood foundation of Sino-India relations

Indian and Chinese troops face off in the Galwan Valley on the disputed border between China and India, June 15, 2020. (Photo courtesy: CCTV)

(, Jul09’21) – Without using the word, India has made it clear Jul 8 that it was China’s perfidy on the border issue, leading to the deadly 2020 clash in eastern Ladakh, which disturbed the foundation of Sino-India relations.

“For the last one year there has been a lot of concern regarding the relationship and China did not respect the border agreements it signed up to. For the first time in 45 years, there were incidents at the border with casualties,” the Jun 8 quoted India’s external affairs minister S Jaishankar as saying.

Addressing an event at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow, Jaishankar has also said, “Peace and tranquility at the border are the fundamentals of a relationship between any neighbouring countries. Naturally the foundation has been disturbed, so has the relationship.”

Answering a question on how India viewed the rise of China, Jaishankar has said China’s rise impacts India as it is India’s immediate neighbour. He has added that its rise also impacts Russia and Eurasia and forums like BRICS show how each of these nations profits collaboratively.

Referring to India’s economic relationship with China, Jaishankar has said, “For the last 40 years we maintained a stable relationship with China, there is a big economic element since China emerged as our second-largest economic partner.”


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