China acknowledges more than 100 Tibetans had self-immolated


(, Mar15, 2014) – A commentary carried by China’s official Xinhua news agency Mar 14 acknowledged that more that 100 Tibetans had self-immolated in Tibet recently and that most of them had died. The commentary, by Xinhua writer Chen Shilei, was a criticism of the West for its support for the Dalai Lama, including his recent meeting with the US President Mr Barack Obama.

The commentary acknowledged the high figure as its point was to accuse the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet of being behind those self-immolations.

He and his followers are behind more than 100 self-immolation attempts of Tibetans in China since the 2008 “Lhasa riots,” which was also planned by them, the commentary claimed.

The prevailing myth in the West about the Dalai Lama as a peace-loving monk and spiritual leader is set to unravel as facts have revealed that he planned the Lhasa riot that killed 18 innocent people, the commentary claimed, although no such incriminating facts have emerged so far except in the form of bald and unsubstantiated claims by Chinese leaders.


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