China angered by attacks on Chinese-run factories in Myanmar, silent on civilian killings

Protesters hold up the three finger salute with signs calling for the release of detained Myanmar civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon. (Photo courtesy: AFP)

(, Mar16’21) – China’s demand that the military junta of Myanmar protect Chinese people, property and businesses in the country has provoked outrage from the people of the country for Beijing’s obvious lack of concern for those killed in protests against the Feb 1 military coup in the country.

The AP Mar 15 cited a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson as saying the Chinese Embassy had contacted authorities in Myanmar and urged that police be deployed to protect the Chinese companies and personnel.

As a result, police and firefighters were sent to protect the factories, which are scattered across several industrial zones in Yangon, the report cited spokesperson Zhao Lijian as telling reporters in Beijing. He has said China was closely watching and “is very concerned about the impact on the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel.”

The report said a statement posted by the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar on Facebook about the efforts to protect Chinese businesses triggered an outpouring of fury in more than 52,000 comments.

“Does it hurt? How about people dying?” a post from a netizen named Naing Oo was quoted as saying.

“If you want to do business peacefully in Myanmar, respect Myanmar people,” someone named Aye Myat Kyaw was report to have posted. “Stop supporting terrorist army and join Myanmar people.”

The report said more than 100 civilians had been killed by security forces since the Feb 1 coup, citing a tally by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Many more have been injured, and thousands have been arrested.

Protesters have been targeting the Chinese embassy and factories in Yangon.

China has decades-long cozy relationship with Myanmar’s military junta. It is suspected of covertly support the junta, including by helping it to build an internet firewall, currently. China has also stopped the military coup from being criticized or even discussed at UN forums.


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