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China bans party members from expressing dissent in new rule

(TibetanReview.net, Jan07’21) – Members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are barred not only from having any religious belief but they also cannot speak as they like outside the party forum. This was made clear by the leadership of the CPC ahead of the party’s centenary year celebrations to be held in July this year.

Amended party rules published by the Chinese language service of the state-run Xinhua news agency made it clear, however, that party cadres had been granted the right to seek the removal of leaders if they are found incompetent. However, they cannot express dissent outside the party.

The amended rules include new guidelines on access to information and how to handle internal complaints which were portrayed as “boosting democracy within the party”, reported the PTI Jan 7.

The report said the new rules made it clear that the party will not tolerate dissenting views from its own ranks, especially airing their complaints in public.

“When a party member criticises, exposes or requests for treatment or punishment, he/she shall use organisational channels. He/she shall not spread it freely or on the Internet, exaggerate or distort facts, fabricate facts, or falsely accuse or frame up”, the new rule book was quoted as saying.

In particular, Article 16 of the rule book was quoted as saying, “Party members shall not publicly express opinions that are inconsistent with the decisions of the Central Committee” of the CPC. 

Last year, retired party school professor Cai Xia defected to the US after she severely criticized President Xi and complained about lack of freedom of speech within the party.


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