China calls India’s move on disputed territory in Bhutan ‘very severe’


India China(, Jul05, 2017) – In an apparent escalation of tension, China has on Jul 3 described as “very severe” Indian troops’ alleged trespassing in early June into a border area in Bhutan claimed by it as a part of its occupied Tibet territory. This incident is “very severe” as it goes against a “legally binding” boundary treaty, as well as the Charter of the United Nations and the basic principles of international law, China’s official China Daily newspaper Jul 4 quoted foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang as saying.

Geng has described the alleged trespassing by Indian troops across what China calls the China-India border at the Sikkim section as “essentially different” from previous standoffs with Chinese border troops. He has explained that this time the Indian troops had crossed a clearly demarcated borderline between the two countries.

The report said photos taken on Jun 18 and published on the Chinese foreign ministry’s website show Indian troops crossing the demarcated Sikkim section into what it called the Chinese territory of Doklam.

Geng had earlier said Indian troops had obstructed Chinese border troops’ normal activities in the area and that China had “taken proportionate measures in response”. This referred to Chinese move to build a road in the disputed territory in Bhutan claimed by China and India’s stoppage of that work. It also referred to Chinese troops’ bulldozing of two Indian bunkers on the Sikkimese side of the border.

Geng has made no reference to the fact that 24 rounds of talks had been held between Bhutan and China over this territory since 1984 without reaching a solution so far. Bhutan recently issued a demarche, asking China to stop the road building work as it was a violation of an existing agreement pending the resolution of the border dispute.


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