China closing down popular private schools, clinics in Tibet


(, Dec 13) — The authorities in Lhasa and Karze (Chinese: Ganzi) have been monitoring privately run schools and hospitals and had begun shutting down those which were particularly popular with the local Tibetans, worried about their possible political implications, according to the exile Tibetan government’s online information service Dec 12. The campaign aims to hinder those dedicated Tibetans in carrying out welfare projects for the local residents and suspect political motives behind such activities, the report said.

In Karze, a decree was issued on Dec 1, shutting down the most prestigious and recognized educational and health institutions in Karze, including the hospital and school run by Khangsar Kyabgon Tulku, the Lamdag Tulku hospital, and the Karze Intermediary Tibetan language school. It said local Tibetans had appealed to the authorities not to shut down schools and hospitals.

In Tibet’s capital Lhasa, the concerned departments had started monitoring private Tibetan schools, with plans to shut down many of the schools for similar reason, the report said.


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