China deploys latest tanks in arms build-up along Tibet’s India border

Xiqingtan Tanks. (Photo courtesy:
Xiqingtan Tanks. (Photo courtesy:

(, Jun14, 2017) – China has deployed its latest military tank, the Xinqingtan, in an area of Tibet near the Indian border, with the Chinese news site Guancha reporting Jun 12 that Beijing was increasing military buildup there in a show of force designed to deter the Indian military, reported the UPI Jun 12.

The report also cited Chinese state-owned television network CCTV as reporting that an integrated brigade of the People’s Liberation Army in Tibet had deployed an unidentified number of the new tanks. And it cited the Guancha report as saying the Xinqingtan’s technology and firepower was “far more advanced” than the Russia-made T-90S tanks deployed by India.

The deployment of the tanks had expanded the Tibet-based unit and increased their fighting power, the news site was cited as saying. The guns of the Xiqingtan tanks were reported to have been already adjusted to a high angle so they were ready for mountain operations.

The report also said light-duty main battle tanks with commensurate firepower were also being tested in Tibet.

Kanwa Asian Defense, a news site specializing in military developments, was reported to have stated that in 2016, Beijing was placing more missiles and fighter jets along the India border.

The report also referred to other deployments of strategic military assets by China close to India border regions, including new fighter jets and bombers.


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