China deploys radars, drones to enhance border surveillance

Drone Image.
Drone Image.

(, Nov08, 2015) – The number of Tibetans succeeding in escaping from their Chinese ruled homeland is set to decline even further as a result of deployment of an advanced border surveillance technological system by China. Under an integrated round-the-clock frontier monitoring system to check infiltration China had deployed advanced radars and drones in Tibetan areas bordering India as well as in Xinjiang and Yunnan regions, reported PTI news agency Nov 6, citing China’s official China Daily newspaper.

The report cited Mao Weichen of the Southwestern Institute of Technology and Physics in Chengdu, who designed the integrated system, as saying many border areas had deployed an integrated frontier monitoring system consisting of advanced radars and unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Our system has been adopted by border defence units in Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan and many other regions to curb illegal border crossings and drug trafficking,” Ma was quoted as saying.

Mao has said the institute, a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corp, the country’s major manufacturer of land weapons, as saying the system integrated electro-optical devices, radars, communications equipment, command-and-control instruments and tools for image analysis.

The report said the system gave border patrol teams the capability to perform round-the-clock, all-weather surveillance of illegal cross-border movements. People trying to cross the border will be detected by the system, which then automatically notifies soldiers, Mao has said.

“Compared with traditional border monitoring networks that mainly depend on video surveillance, our system has a wider coverage and more deterrence thanks to the use of drones and acoustic weapons,” he has said.


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