China detains 3 in restive Tibetan county


    (, Apr06, 2014) – Chinese authorities in Trido Township of Nagchu (Chinese: Naqu) prefecture’s Sog (Suo) County, Tibet Autonomous Region, have on Mar 28 detained two Tibetans for text messaging about local events and incidents and also a monk over Tibetan independence slogans painted near a local bridge, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington) Apr 4.

    The two held for sharing text messages have been named as Rinchen Wangdu, of the Palha family, and Phurtse, of the Gajig family. And the detained monk has been named as Ade.

    Ade was held from the county’s Drilda Monastery for suspected involvement in the red ink painting of Tibetan independence calls seen near an iron bridge in the area.


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