China detains Tibetan youth from lone street protest


(, Apr11, 2014) – A Tibetan youth was held by Chinese police in Manikengo Town of Sichuan Province’s Dege County around midday on Apr 8 after he took out a lone protest march along a highway, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington) and other sources Apr 9. He threw up paper flyers and shouted slogans praying for long life for Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and demanding freedom for Tibetans, as he walked towards the local government offices.

The protester’s name and other details remain unknown, although he is believed to be from neighbouring Kyegudo County in Yulshul prefecture, Qinghai Province. From a blurred video clip of the protest posted on Facebook after being apparently taken with a mobile phone by passersby, one could hear other people shouting supportive calls with the man.

Chinese police arrived on the scene after some while and took the man away.


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