China disappears Tibetan monk for T-shirt greeting Dalai Lama on his 80th birthday



(, Jul29, 2015) – Chinese police in Serta (Chinese: Seda) County of Sichuan Province had detained on Jul 19 a Tibetan monk who had worn a T-shirt paying homage to Tibet’s exile spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on his 80th birthday. Choekye, a 38-year-old monk of the local Phurbu Monastery, was said to have worn a T-shirt which bore on its back a text in Tibetan reading ‘ku’u-gya-ton-su’ (or On the occasion of celebrations marking is Holiness’s 80th birthday).

The monk was held while shopping in the market with his father, with the police giving no reason for taking him away other than saying he had engaged in ‘anti government’ activities. His whereabouts continue to remain unknown though over a month has passed since he was held.

The monk’s sister Kyizom and her son Dragpa were also said to have been held the next day, that is on Jun 20. The latter were released 15 days later, after being subjected to severe beating. The reason for their detention remains unknown. Dagpa was required to report to the local police station every day for further questioning.

News about the detention took time to reach the outside world since China had cut off the internet services in the area since Jun 21, restoring it only on Jul 24, said Radio Free Asia (Washington) Jul 27. It said, Chokeye, of Shosang village, was already in poor health; that he was required to visit hospital frequently for treatment for liver and stomach ailments.


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