China formally establishes family planning office in ‘Tibet’


(, Nov11, 2014) – While relaxing birth limit on Chinese immigrants, the government of Tibet Autonomous Region has “formally” set up a Family Planning Commission for the region, according to China’s online Tibet news service Nov 10, citing the country’s official Xinhua news agency. The report said the Tibet Health and Family Planning Commission was formally established recently as a reform of health institutions in the region.

The report cited Phurbu Droma, director of Tibet Health and Family Planning Commission, as saying the commission would now “set up 14 institutions, 97 government staff status, and 17 staffing of government affiliated institutions for logistics service center.”

China has officially maintained that there is no birth limit for Tibetan couples while rejecting criticisms of alleged forced birth control measures and abuses in Tibet. However, while announcing the relaxation of birth limit on Chinese immigrants, Xinhua Nov 6 reported that China’s family planning policy already allowed people from ethnic minority groups, such as Tibetans, to have two children, thereby belying the previous claim.

The Nov 10 report said that the newly established Tibet Health and Family Planning Commission “will orderly carry out relevant work in order to improve the management level and service capabilities.” It added, “Cadres in the commission will spare no efforts in promoting the leapfrog development of health and family planning career, as well as making contribution to improving people’s health level.”


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