China imposes restrictions that were always already in place on US diplomats’ activities

China imposes restrictions that were always already in place on US diplomats' activities. (Photo courtesy: Yahoo)
China imposes restrictions that were always already in place on US diplomats’ activities. (Photo courtesy: Yahoo)

(, Sep12’20) – China has on Sep 11 announced new restrictions on the activities of US diplomats working in mainland China and Hong Kong in what it called a justified response to similar measures imposed on Chinese diplomats in the US last year. However it has not spelled out what those new restrictions are.

That is because the kind of restrictions imposed by the US on Chinese diplomats last year were already always under enforcement by China on US diplomats posted in its territory without any sort of announcement. And the US imposed those restrictions in order to compel China to lift those restrictions.

Incidentally, the US tightened its restrictions on the Chinese diplomats by a Sep 2 announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Whereas the previous US restrictions required senior Chinese diplomats to “inform” the US before undertaking certain specified visits and meetings, the Sep 2 announcement required taking “permission” for making such visits and holding such meetings.

China announced its measures against US diplomats in a statement posted online late Sep 11, with a foreign ministry spokesperson saying the rules would apply to senior diplomats and all other personnel at the American Embassy in Beijing and consulates throughout China.

The spokesperson said China supported normal exchanges and cooperation between all sectors of the two countries” and added the restrictions could be lifted if the US were to revoke the measures it imposed last October, reported the AP Sep 12.

Once again we urge the US side to immediately correct its mistakes and lift the unreasonable restrictions imposed on the Chinese Embassy and consulates and their staff. China will make reciprocal responses to US actions, the unidentified spokesperson was cited as saying.

The report noted that US diplomats already faced limits on what parts of the country they could visit and even access to college campuses. The US rules require Chinese diplomats to report travel and meetings in what was seen as an attempt to prevent interference within the overseas Chinese community and foreign students, it added.


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