China jails man for seeking protest permit


(, Mar25, 2014) – For only seeking a permit to hold a protest, rather than actually carrying out one, as well as posting photos of the 1989 Tiananmen Square killing of protesters by the army, a court in China has on Mar 24 jailed a man for 18 months for alleged subversion.

Gu Yimin was found guilty of “inciting state subversion” for posting pictures of the 1989 Tiananmen Square bloodshed by China’s PLA troops online and applying for permission to stage a protest on its anniversary last year, reported AFP Mar 24, citing his lawyer Liu Weiguo.

A court in Changshu in the eastern province of Jiangsu tried and sentenced him despite the fact that Gu, 36, had called off his protest when authorities warned him not to go ahead.

“There is nothing illegal about posting a photograph of a genuine incident,” Liu was quoted as saying. “If his activities caused damage to the (Communist) party, that’s not the same as damaging the state.”

China uses the charge of state subversion to imprison critics of the communist party of China, while the charges of corruption and abuse of power are used to bring down political rivals within the party, employing the country’s tightly controlled judiciary.


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