China refusing to clarify line of control along disputed border with India

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(, Jun04, 2015) – China is not only refusing to clarify its Line of Actual Control (LAC) along the disputed border with India but has also said India’s insistence on it is a stumbling block in resolving the dispute which began with its occupation and annexation of Tibet, according to Indian online new reports Jun 4. Beijing only favours the framing of a “code of conduct” and the putting in place of comprehensive measures to maintain peace along the border, Jun 4 cited Huang Xilian, deputy director general with the Asian affairs department in the Chinese foreign ministry, as saying.

The report said India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told the Chinese leadership during his visit to Beijing in May: “We have been remarkably successful in maintaining peace and tranquility along the border. We must continue to do that on the principle of mutual and equal security… But a shadow of uncertainty always hangs over the sensitive areas of the border region. It is because neither side knows where the Line of Actual Control is in these areas. That is why I have proposed resuming the process of clarifying it. We can do this without prejudice to our position on the boundary question.”

However, Huang was quoted as having said during an interaction with Indian journalists and academics in Beijing, “We tried to clarify (the LAC) some years ago but we encountered some difficulties which led to an even more complex situation.”

Explaining why India should not insist on clarity on the LAC, Huang has said, “Whatever we do, we should make it more conducive for promoting peace and tranquility … for making things easier, not making things even more complicated.”

However, India says it is due to lack of clarity on the LAC that there is frequently face-offs between the armed forces of the two countries across their common borders.


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