China reiterates position after Dalai Lama praised President Xi

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Qin Gang
China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Qin Gang

(, Dec19, 2014) – China said Dec 17 that there was no split among central authorities over how to handle the Tibet question, responding to the Dalai Lama’s comment on a France 24 interview the same day that President Xi Jining was being held back by hardliners within the communist party leadership from discussing the granting of genuine autonomy to Tibet. The exiled spiritual leader of Tibet had said he “took heart” from Xi’s recent positive comments about Buddhism.

Speaking at a regular press briefing on Dec 16, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Qin Gang stressed that regarding the Tibet question, there were no so-called hawkish or dovish camps inside the central government, or the Communist Party of China as a whole, reported China’s official Dec 17.

“Opposing separatist acts, securing unity and territorial integrity and maintaining ethnic unity, that is the resolute consensus of the entire Chinese nation,” Qin was further quoted as saying.

Qin has also said: “As for what would be talked if there were contact, it would not be the so-called ‘autonomy of Tibet’, still less the ‘independence of Tibet’, but the future of Dalai himself.”

Asked whether the Chinese side will talk with the Dalai Lama or his associates about the possibility of his return to China, Qin has said he had no details to offer as it was not within his remit as the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry.


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