China relocated over 10,000 in Tibet after May 11 earthquake

China has relocated more than 10,000 residents.
China has relocated more than 10,000 residents.

(, May14, 2016) – China said May 13 that it had relocated more than 10,000 residents after a township in Tengchen (Chinese: Dengqen) County of Chamdo (Qamdo, or Changdu) City, Tibet Autonomous Region, was hit by a 5.5-magnitude earthquake on May 11 morning.

The tremor had left over a hundred houses destroyed, and 69 people injured, reported China’s official May 13. It added that 12 severely injured people from Kata (Tibetan: Gada) Town, the quake’s epicentre, were being treated in hospital. Almost half the number of evacuees were from this area, reported May 13.

The report said six of the eight damaged roads around the town had been reopened after intense efforts.

The tremor was reported to have been felt in several townships in Tengchen as well as neighbouring counties of Palpar and Riwoche.


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