China replaces Tibetan monastery’s management with its own team


(, May17, 2014) – China’s idea of religious freedom obviously does not include allowing monasteries to manage their own affairs. At the key monastery of Nyatso Zilkar in Tridu (Chenduo) County of Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province, the authorities have barged in to appoint on May 11 monks trusted by them to its management committee, removing those whom they suspected did not support the Chinese rule in their homeland, according to Radio Free Asia (Washington) May 15.

The action followed rising interference by Chinese officials in the monastery’s affairs with accusation that the members of its management committee were involved in separatist activities and demanding their removal. On May 10, the authorities took matter into their own hand, called the committee members to a meeting in the nearby Dzatoe Town, and got them replaced the next day.

The report said the authorities came to the meeting with a list of 32 candidates, which included Zilkar monks as well as laypeople from nearby villages. The list was later trimmed to 28 and eventually finalized to 9, with the monastery being given no say in their selection.

The head of the nearby Khangmar village who challenged two of those in the initial list was taken into custody for a day and a half and interrogated, the report said.

Other monasteries in the area are also considered to be likely to suffer from similar interference.


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