China sadistic on rejection of Tibetans as refugee team at Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics Mascot.
Rio Olympics Mascot.

(, Aug17, 2016) – China on Aug 16 gloated and expressed glee over the fact that “the Tibetan separatist group” had failed to join the refugee team of the 2016 Rio Olympics. It “shows they were isolated from the mainstream in the international community, and that the world respects China’s sovereignty,” said a news commentary carried by China’s international communist party mouthpiece Aug 16, citing a Chinese expert.

The commentary quoted Xiong Kunxin, a professor on ethnic studies at Beijing’s Minzu University of China and an “expert” on Tibet, as saying, “the international community has reached a consensus that Tibet is a part of China and Dalai Lama’s followers will be isolated for sure when they try to make noise to attract attention.”

Xiong has suggested that Tibetan refugees “return” to China and play for their “homeland”, citing the examples of Choeyang Kyi, a bronze medalist at the 2012 London Olympics, and Topgye, a long-distance runner, who are both competing for China in Rio.

The brief commentary cited Kelsang (Dhondup) who is “the President of the Tibetan Sport National Association” (referring to the Tibetan National Sports Association) as having complained to Norwegian media on Aug 10 that “Tibetan separatists” failed to qualify for the Refugee Olympic Team, which shows that the international community doesn’t recognize their “refugee status”.

Of course the only reason why “the international community” does not recognize Tibetans as refugees is because of China’s arm-twisting pressure and therefore for reasons other than any fact that they are really not refugees fleeing Chinese persecution.


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