China says Doklam road will be built to meet border defence needs

Representational Image. (Photo courtesy/ AP)
Representational Image. (Photo courtesy/ AP)

(, Aug31, 2017) – Despite Bhutan’s territorial claim and India’s objection on ground of strategic considerations, which led to the recent tense, ten-week standoff, China has expressed resolve to complete its road construction plans for the disputed Donglang (or Doklam) area. China said its purpose was to meet the needs of border defense and to improve living conditions for local troops.

“We will make an overall assessment of the weather conditions and all related factors, and according to the actual circumstances complete construction plans for the Donglang area,” China’s official Aug 30 quoted Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying as saying at a daily news briefing on Aug 29.

The report also cited Hua as having said that China had long been constructing infrastructure, including roads, in Donglang to meet the needs of border defense and to improve the performance and living conditions for local troops and civilians.

The report referred only to India’s withdrawal from Doklam and China’s confirmation of it at the scene, although Indian news reports said both sides withdrew their troops and equipment on Aug 28. Hua has also said Chinese border troops were continuing to patrol and defend the area.


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