China says small progress made in Tibet-border dispute with India

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (Photo courtesy: AFP)
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (Photo courtesy: AFP)

(, Mar10, 2015) – China has said Mar 8 that its dispute with India along the border of occupied Tibet had been contained while indicating that there will be no fresh cross-border incursions from its side, reported

“The dispute has been contained. At the moment, the boundary negotiation is in the process of building up small positive developments,” Chinese foreign minister Mr Wang Yi Wang was quoted as saying at a press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing session of the Chinese parliament, the National People’s Congress.

He has indicated that both sides were working hard to reach a settlement. “It is like climbing a mountain and the going is tough because we are on the way up.”

“This is all the more reason that we do more to strengthen China-India cooperation so that we can enable and facilitate the settlement of the boundary question,” he has added. He has called the boundary question a legacy of history and on which both the sides had worked for many years and made some progress during negotiations.

Wang made the remark ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s May 2015 visit to Beijing. Modi was invited by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his India visit last year.

“Chinese dragon and Indian elephant should join in a duet to work for the early revitalization of two ancient civilizations, common prosperity of the two emerging markets and amicable coexistence of two large neighbours,” Wang was quoted as saying.


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