China starts building second Yunnan-Tibet passageway

Sichuan-Tibet Highway
Sichuan-Tibet Highway

(, Jun02, 2015) – China is investing 2.34 billion yuan (US$ 377.7 million) to build a new, second Yunnan-Tibet Passageway, reported China’s online Tibet news service Jun 1, citing the regional party mouthpiece Tibet Daily. It said the construction was launched recently. Once completed, the new passageway will shorten the transportation distance between Yunnan and Tibet Autonomous Region, improve transport links, and facilitate trade and tourism.

The total length of the main line will be 280 km, with 253 km of it being in TAR. Besides the main line, a 42-km feeder road will be built in the TAR.

The new passageway starts from Bingzhongluo Township in Gongshan County of Yunnan Province, crosses the Yunnan-TAR border and enters Tsawarong Township in Zayul County of Nyingtri City, and ends in Drowagon Township of Zayul County, where it connects to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, the report said.

On the other hand, the existing Yunnan-Tibet Passageway starts from Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, and passes through Lijiang before reaching the Yunnan-Tibet border at Dechen County. It then enters TAR, passing through Markham and Zogang counties in Chamdo City and ends at Lhasa. The total length of the old route is much longer at over 1,300 km.


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