China steps up jamming overseas Tibetan radio service

59, May 2, 2008

Oslo-based shortwave news broadcasts service The Voice of Tibet has accused China of stepping up the jamming of its broadcasts in Tibet in connection with the recent protests in Tibet. Chinese jamming violated international treaties giving the network exclusive rights to its registered frequency, AP Apr 2 quoted Oystein Alme, a Norwegian who runs the non-profit foundation’s administration office in Oslo, as saying. “The Chinese jamming transmissions contain a mixture of dragon dance music, drums and noise, and affects listening also in India, Nepal and Europe,” Alme has said. “There has been enormous focus on journalists not getting free access to Tibet. The other side of the coin is that information from the outside is not getting into Tibet,” Alme has said. He accuses China of “denying Tibetans access to uncensored news and information from the outside world.”

French defence equipment firm Thales has earlier been blamed, especially by Paris-based Reporters Without Borders, of selling jamming equipment to China, although the company denies it.


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