China targeted for its rights record in 60 cities on its national day

The “Resist China: A Global Day of Action” campaign in London, UK. (Photo Courtesy: Free Tibet)

(, Oct02’20) – As China celebrated the 71st anniversary of the founding of the communist party rule with the establishment of the so-called People’s Republic of China on Oct 1, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, and Taiwanese as well as democracy activists in or from Hong Kong and China staged protests in some 60 cities across 25 countries. 

The “Resist China: A Global Day of Action” campaign sought to highlight the Chinese repression in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang and its heavy-handed language policies in Inner Mongolia and threats to Taiwan. The venues of the protests included Chinese embassies and Consulates besides prominent public places. They were held even in Istanbul and Bangkok, cities in China-friendly countries.

In the USA, a rally was held near the national Capitol with the attendance of US lawmakers.

In Hong Kong, protesters held high “Free Tibet” and “Free Southern Mongolia” posters, photos of Uyghurs who were disappeared by the Chinese government, and the light blue star and moon flag representing East Turkistan, the Uyghurs’ preferred name for their region, the snow mountain lion flag of Tibet, and the black flag of Hong Kong protesters, reported the Uyghur Service and by the Mandarin Service of Oct 2.

In Bangkok, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported that about two dozen mostly college students gathered opposite the Chinese embassy, bearing messages of support for protesters in Hong Kong as well as Tibetans and Uyghurs.

In the Turkish city Istanbul about 500 demonstrators staged a march to protest over China’s treatment of Uyghurs, reported the AFP. They held up pictures of their missing families and displayed banners reading: “Where’s my family?”, “Free my family” and “Shut down concentration camps!”


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