China values TAR’s forest resources at 470 billion yuan


(, Dec 30) — China said the Nyingchi (Tibetan: Nyingtri) Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is the third largest forest area in the People’s Republic of China and its forest resources could yield ecological and economic output worth 88.391 billion yuan. The Prefecture boasts 80% of the forest of the TAR, with the prefecture itself being 90% forest-covered, reported China’s official Dec 29, citing the Plateau Ecology Institute of Tibet and other units.

The report said the volume of timber in the prefecture had reached 882 million steres (a stere equals one cubic metre).

The report described forest ecosystem services as the ecosystem services that forest offers the human being. It added that the value of forest ecosystem services of the whole of TAR, which it said had the most plentiful forest resources in the PRC, had reached 470 billion yuan.


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