China’s Party mouthpiece favours disinviting top US diplomats to Beijing Winter Olympics

Activists outside the Colosseum in Rome call on G20 leaders to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. (Photo courtesy: Reuters)

(, Nov20’21) – Following US President Joe Biden’s remark Nov 18 that backing a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February was “something we’re considering,” China’s official media has suggested that no invitation be sent for top US diplomatic representation at the Games.

It is just petty and an insult to the Olympic spirit that Washington views the participation of its leaders or dignitaries as a favor to Beijing and something that could be exchanged for interests, wrote the editor of the party-state run ultranationalist publication in a Nov 20 editorial.

The editorial maintained that the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 will be better off without any US diplomatic representation, saying: “The Olympics shouldn’t welcome such officials. They harbor ill intentions. Even if they come, they will just create trouble. Without them, the Olympics will be pure. China has no time to accommodate them.”

The editorial condemned US Senator Tom Cotton who on Nov 18 called for a boycott of the Winter Olympics, demanding the US not send athletes and sponsors to quit. 

Accusing him of behaving “like political rubbish,” the editorial maintained “China must host this event with rightful justice and tell hostile US politicians that they are not welcome to the event.”


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