Chinese journalist in Tibet for positive reports about its reopening

9, July 23’08

Unable to get the publicity cooperation it sough in sponsoring junkets for foreign reporters, China arranged a free 10-day tour of Tibet for its official media reporters beginning Jul 17. The Chinese delegation, consisting of reporters from 15 major Chinese media groups, including CCTV, Guangming Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and Beijing Youth newspaper, were visiting Lhasa, Lhoka, Xigaze and Nyingchi and “will give report to the public how the Tibet tourism condition has improved since the ‘3.14’ Lhasa riots, and set the image of ‘safe, well behave and healthy’, reported China’s online Tibet news service Jul 20.

“We are trying to show the safe, peaceful social order of Tibet to the public through the report of major media and draw more and more tourists to Tibet,” Tanor, deputy director general of TAR Tourism Bureau was quoted as telling the journalists in an indication of what the focus and orientation of their reports had to be.


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