Chinese police severely beat Tibetan villagers for late arrival at a public lecture


Chamdo(, Jan05, 2017) – A number of villagers in Chamdo Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region were on Dec 28 severely beaten by Chinese police, with some being detained and others requiring hospitalization, after they turned up late for a gathering to hear a public lecture on health called by their township government head, reported the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia (Washington) Jan 3.

While six of the residents of Damdo Village in the prefecture’s Karma Township were detained, many others had to be taken either to hospital or their homes. The beating was savage and when some women villagers tried to stop the beating, the Chinese police attacked them too, the report added.

The township leader who called the gathering was reported to be accompanied by another official and members of China’s paramilitary people’s armed police force. About 100 Tibetans were reported to have attended meeting which was called to hear a lecture on measures to prevent HIV/AIDS. About 20 Tibetans arrived late and they were attacked by the Chinese police, the report said.

The six detained Tibetan villagers were reported to be held in the Chamdo County detention centre, although it was not clear what they had been charged with.

Chinese police and local authorities were later reported to have entered and searched the homes of the Tibetan villagers, questioning those who were found staying in them.


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