Chinese premier calls Tibet a special priority for stability, development

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

(, Mar09, 2017) – Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has on Mar 7 said the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) had a special place in the overall development of the People’s Republic of China, reported the official Mar 8. The premier was reported to have made his remark while attending a panel discussion with National People’s Congress (NPC) deputies from the plateau region that day.

He has also called for maintaining the stability and development of the region.

The TAR had a special place in the country’s overall development, and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, “with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core”, had further made the region a priority since the 18th Party Congress in 2012, Li was cited as having told deputies during the ongoing Chinese parliament’s annual session in Beijing.

Li has said this year will see further endeavors in promoting the region’s stability and development, which he has said complemented each other through focusing on key ways to improve local people’s livelihood.

He has added that this year will see more efforts to develop the region’s special and competitive industries such as tourism, clean energy and ethnic medicines.

The premier has called for strengthening of unity to help all ethnic groups get along with each other, to promote religious harmony as well as safeguard social stability and long-term peace.


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