Chinese railway to connect Tibet more by 2020


(, Dec 4, 2008) — China said it will have built and opened by 2020 six new main railway lines and some branches connecting Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province with other parts of the PRC. Its online Tibet news service Dec 3 cited Li Li, principal of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company, as saying the new lines will tie up with the existing Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

It said the forthcoming six new lines will connect Golmud to Dunhuang, Kuerle and Chengdu, and Lhasa to Xigaze and Nyingchi prefectures. It said the sixth line will connect Xining to Zhangye of Lanzhou-Urumchi 2nd Double Line Rail, although it was not clear how this will tie up with the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

The report also said construction of the ongoing 2nd Line of Xining-Golmud Section of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway would be finished in 2012.


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