Dalai Lama begins 13-day visit to Japan


(TibetanReview.net, Apr07, 2014) The Dalai Lama arrived in Japan’s capital Tokyo on Apr 6 for a series of events which include offering prayers and succour for the victims of the devastating earthquake and Tsunami which hit the country in Mar 2011, as well as to give public talks and religious teachings, to hold discussions with scientists and to interact with students. He ends his visit on Apr 18 with a meeting with the Tibetan community in Tokyo.

The Dalai Lama’s hosts during the visit are the Shinto religious organisation, Koko Scientific Research Center of Kyoto and the Mind & Life Institute, and Koyasan Monastery.

The visit began Apr 7 with a prayer service in Sendai for people hit by the natural disasters, followed by a public talk.

He will visit the Seifu Gaken Boys High School on Apr 9 and speak to its pupils on “What one would hope for the young people to do”. Later in the day he will visit the Rinnanji Temple of the Soto sect and speak to devotees on “Strength through Compassion”.

On Apr 11-12, the spiritual leader in exile of Tibet will take part in a conference on “Mapping the Mind: A Dialogue Between Modern Scientists and Buddhist Science” being organised by Koko Research Center of Kyoto University and the Mind & Life Institute.

On Apr 13-14, the Dalai Lama will give religious teachings and an empowerment at the Koyasan Monastery. He will give another religious teaching on Apr 17, with the venue being in Tokyo.

In between, he will give a public talk on “How should we live our lives – Religion and Ethics in the 21st Century” on Apr 15.

This is the Dalai Lama’s 20th visit to Japan since his first one in 1967. The Dalai Lama’s Tokyo-based representative Mr Lhakpa Tsoko has said the visits have helped build a good rapport on Tibet with Japanese people, organizations and key government bodies and organs.


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