Dzogchen monks clash with wildlife hunting Chinese troops

20, August 5

Chinese troops clashed with monks of Dzogchen monastery in Palyul (Chinese: Baiyu) county of Kandze Prefecture on Jul 18, with some of the monks having been shot at, reported the exile Tibetan government’s Jul 26. The report did not say anything about casualties. It said the situation had calmed down temporarily following mediation by some senior monks.

The trouble began when Chinese troops, who arrived in a large number at the monastery in Mar’08, took to wildlife hunting in the Ri-Dham-Loong area, a place considered holy by the local Tibetans. The Chinese hunters reportedly dressed themselves as Tibetans. When a Tibetan lama on retreat told them that hunting was not allowed in the sacred area, they beat him mercilessly. Monks at the monastery who learnt of the incident reported it to the Township authorities which ignored it altogether. As a result, fight ensured between the monks and Chinese troops.


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