Eight, including seven nuns, sentenced; 14 more nuns held


www.TibetanReview.net, May 21 2008

China sentenced seven nuns and a layman to jail terms of three to seven years on Apr 29 for having taken part in demonstrations in Mar 2008 while taking into custody 14 more nuns for staging a demonstration on May 11-12, all in Kandze Prefecture of Sichuan Province, reported Radio Free Asia (RFA) May 13.

Those sentenced had been arrested for taking part in a demonstration at Chori Township in Draggo (Chinese: Luhuo) county of Kandze Prefecture. While nuns Khandro Lhamo (32), Khagongtsang Choedron (43), Drolma Yangtso (23) and Wangmo (29) received seven years each, nuns Yibu (22), Drolyang (42) and Sonam Choedron (28) as well as layman Kalsang Dorje (39) received three years each.

The report said that some 200 Tibetans, including 93 nuns, were taken into custody throughout Kandze Prefecture for protesting in Mar 2008, although only 20 were now reported to remain in jail.

Meanwhile, 14 more nuns from nunneries across Kandze prefecture had been taken into custody for staging demonstrations on May 11-12 near a local television station in the central part of the prefecture, said the RFA report. They were demanding the release of two nuns of Drakar nunnery—Bumo Lhaga (32) and Sonam Dekyi (30)—detained Apr 23 for calling for the Dalai Lama’s return in a protest at the same site. They also shouted for Tibet’s independence and the Dalai Lama’s return. Police pounced on the nuns, severely beating and rounding them up. A nun named Taga had her head repeatedly banged on the pavement. As the nuns were taken away, the pavement where they staged the protest was left with blood stains everywhere.

Twelve of those held have been named as Sey Lhamo (36), Thubten Drolma (40), Ani Taga (36), Lhawang Chokyi (41), Yangkyi (28), Gyayul Seyang, Gyayul Thinley, Gyayul Shachotso Bodze, Tamdin Tsekyi, Seshuktin Tamdin Tsekyi, Seshuktin Dekyi (29), and Bendetsang Yangchen.


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