Encouraging Chinese immigration in the name of equality


(TibetanReview.net, Apr 13, 2009) — That rural migrant workers in China’s cities are second-class sub-citizens in their own country is a well known legal and commentarial fact, acknowledged even by the top leadership in Beijing. But that’s not the case in the case of Chinese immigrants in Tibet, for which there is a special task force to especially take care of their interests after the Mar’08 Tibetan protests. In keeping with this policy, China has announced that immigrants’ Children will get the same free tuition and fees in private schools as locals.

The government will allocate 80 yuan subsidy for each pupil per semester, 115 yuan for middle school students, reported China’s online Tibet news service eng.Tibet.cn Apr 11. All students in the stage of compulsory education can enjoy free tuition and fees in private schools. Significantly, the report said, “migrant workers’ children can receive a fair education and enjoy the same treatments as urban children.” While this would seem to suggest that the distinction is between urban and rural folks, its beneficial effect on Chinese immigrants is far too obvious.

The report added, “Children of migrant workers can also apply for the nearest school and enjoy the free tuition, fees, textbooks and notebooks.”


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